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Estimated Release date: December 2019

get Gitch on: Apple app store, google play

Developer: Opal Studios

Genre: Story driven mobile puzzle game.

Development started: January 2018


Platforms: Apple iphone, Android phone

price: £0.79


Social media: facebook,Instagram




Immerse yourself in the vibrant, colourful depths of your technology in our new mobile puzzle game.

Build Gitch, your witty, wonderful virus eradication program and allow her to guide you through your phone's motherboard to fix the Glitches caused by a devastating virus.

Be wary though, the further down you go, the bigger and more complex the glitches become, and the harder Gitch will find it to help you...

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  • up to 50 colourful, captivating puzzles.
  • Gitch, your personal helper, will be able to offer you hints and tips along the way to help you fight the Virus and fix your phone!
  • playful atmosphere created by emotive characters and a synthy, rhythmic soundtrack


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