This is our current collection of brilliant gems all working to produce the best possible work on Opal's projects. Please do take a moment to get to know them!


Charlie Stevens - Founder

Hi! I'm Charlie, the Founder of Opal Studios and Character Artist. I graduated with a BA (hons) in Animation at De Montfort University. 

Everyone has something they live for, whether it's their families, their friends, their jobs; the things we create or build often end up being the most important things we leave for the world, and we hope it leaves it a better place. I live for building stories and characters that can affect people for the better, whatever that means to them. Games can be brilliant outlets for creativity and stress relief and creating fun lovable characters along with thrilling fantastical adventures is to me a beautiful way to spend my life. 

I sincerely hope you enjoy the work our brilliant team produces and hope your lives are as vibrant as your wildest imaginings!


Joseph Pike - Music Producer

I've been playing guitar for over 10 years and have a degree in music performance at ACM. I specialised in the artist portfolio pathway, which focuses more on songwriting. During these classes I worked on writing and producing Ambient/Electronic music.

I've always been into video games since I was a child, not that I ever grew up at heart and being a fan of video games is what drew me to working on them. Some of my favourite music ever has been video game music, I love the way it helps generate the atmosphere and sets the tone of a game and similarly hope to do the same with my own music.


Cat Flynn - Lead Programmer

I'm Cat, lead programmer on Gitch. After spending a couple of years as a web developer I'm now studying for a Computer Games Programming degree. 

The dynamic nature of games fascinates me. Sometimes the games know the player better than the player knows themselves, and it's all programming. Video games are virtual worlds, brought to life with code. I spent my childhood in these worlds, countless nights unraveling mechanics built by developers before me. Now I'd love nothing more than to contribute my ideas, adding my own thread to gaming's rich tapestry.




Cinder - Programmer









Cai - Sound Designer







Kiran Weerasakera - Marketing