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Hi everyone...

And welcome to Opal Studios where we pride ourselves on creating vibrant games covering all colours of the spectrum! At the moment, as you can see, it's still early days, so there's not much of a story to tell.

What i can tell you is this all started with a small revelation, a young girl realising she'd found her purpose in life... only a small thing to many. Only it's not, it's massive.

To every person out there, the smallest revelation can lead to the biggest life-changing shift and that should never be taken lightly, regardless of the origins, motivation or destination of that dream. Here, everyone's stories are appreciated, celebrated even, and we look to tell those stories through immersive worlds, emotive characters and imaginative gameplay packed with action and adventure.

From all of us at Opal Studios, we hope that you enjoy everything we have to offer, and from this girl with a dream, i sincerely wish you all the strength to follow yours. 

Happy Playing!

~ Charlie