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Your communications device has been compromised by a virus that has burrowed itself into the deepest darkest depths of its motherboard. Complete the tutorial in which you build Gitch, the emergency de-bugging professional that manifests onto your very screen.

Together the two of you will travel through each level of your phone that was previously locked off to you, as Gitch guides you with helpful hints, tips and tricks to solve your way through the mess the virus has made of your poor electronic device. Each level has a certain number of glitches (puzzles) that Gitch will be able to sniff out and reveal to you. You will then have to repair the glitches by shuffling, twisting and rotating blocks into a large cube. Once the cube is complete, Gitch will ensure it's put back safely into the motherboard, allowing a piece of the board to be fixed. Fix every piece in each level to advance to further levels and finally reach the monster that has caused such unnecessary chaos!